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Namco Banda’s Tekken Card Tournament Now Open For Public Beta

Posted January 30, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Namco’s famed fighting game Tekken, may soon have its own alternate version in the likes of a card game that features new gameplay mechanics. While it may not

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be a head-to-head action game that you need to mash buttons and but nevertheless, it’s actually a card game that lets you fight other players through the use of cards. For those of you who are fans of the series, Tekken Card Tournament may be a disappointment for you if you are hoping for a beat-em up game.


The game is going to be a cross-platform multiplayer game and for now it is limited to browsers. Mobile versions of the game for Android and iOS have already been in the works but Namco Bandai is still in beta testing mode to find flaws and imbalances to the game.


First off all Tekken Card Tournament will still feature 3D graphics but instead of the action packed fighting that you get on the arcade and consoles, the game will let you play out in a turn-based mode. Each turn will let you choose from Focus, Strike or Block and depending on what your opponent chooses, you can see the outcome of your action as it unfolds that results into a animated battle on screen. More like a Rock, Paper, Scissor style approach. Matches are still based on time so you to make your moves count.


Another option that Tekken Tag has to offer is that you can buy booster packs for new characters and power-ups through digital purchase or physical booster packs that you can get from stores. The physical booster packs can later be scanned and can be used to play with other people using real cards. Tekken Card Tournament is already been released in its open beta stage and players who want to try it out first hand can do so

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by heading to the official website.

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