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Namco Brings Back Retro Shooter with Galaga Special Edition

Posted January 31, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

¬†Namco has gone all retro style with their new shooter that may strangely look familiar to many of us. Galaga Special Edition is Namco’s latest new release that lets you relieve those wondrous arcade but this time around in your Android device. Instead of hanging around in an arcade and popping in a few quarters, why not play the game in your own mobile phone.


Galaga is not a port of the old game from the past but a totally new game that has been revamped with new colorful graphics and special effects but still keeping the retro effect and feel. The new game will feature enemy weak points that you need to shoot them. There will also be weapon power-ups as well as achievements to unlock and learn as well.  Despite the major improvements in graphics, Galaga still remains an old classical arcade shooter.


As of now, the game features 25 levels for you to survive with some of them letting you battle huge boss fights and gun down hordes of alien on screen.If you want to relive the old memories of the arcade while keeping it modern, then Galaga Special Edition is the right game for you. You can get the game at the Google Play Store absolutely free with supported ads.

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