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Neon Shadow Makes a Leap to Ouya Android Powered Game Consoles

Posted November 7, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Neon Shadow, the anticipated multiplayer FPS game from Ouya developed by Crescent Moon Games and Tasty Poison Games have finally made the jump on becoming an Android game for game consoles most notably for the Ouya. For those of you who don’t know it yet, the said game takes inspiration from the old school game genres like Doom but adds a little twist by adding a cyberpunk theme.


Neon Shadow features a well polished multiplayer game as well as a single player campaign that will surely entertain you for hours. The multiplayer aspect of the game also features both online and LAN support. Even better, you can have four players to go on a deathmatch spree using split screen which is fairly good if you have some friends over for one devastating match-up.


Neon Shadow also supports  a 2 player co-op campaign as well as PS3 and Xbox 360 controllers. The Neon Shadow demo will let you play three levels of single player campaign via splitscreen and a multiplayer deathmatch. if you happen to be an FPS fan, then certainly Neon Shadow will definitely suite your appetite for some heroic frag fest action. You can buy the full game for $2.99 or check out Tasty Poison’s website for additional information.

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