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Obliterate Your Enemies with Thumbstar Games’ Total Recoil for Android

Posted May 26, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Total Recoil is another war themed game that will let players wreak chaos and carnage to anything in its path using a wide variety of weapons. Developed by Thumbstar Games, the guys responsible for a lot of action packed games in the Google Play Store like Talisman Prologue HD.


In Total Recoil, players will be able to do total mayhem with a wide variety of weapons. It is actually a pure arcade shooter and you can do almost anything in this neat little game. Players will be given a wide variety of weapons, plenty of enemies to destroy, big boss battles and even a kill streak to reward you with those extra devastation that you have wreak across each level.


Graphics are more of a “chibby” style and they are absolutely excellent when you try to blow things-up to a pulp.

Total Recoil features a lot of interesting gameplay elements. These include upgradable weapons like chainguns, flamethrowers and guided missile systems. Killstreak rewards that gives you dive bombers, artillery strikes and sentry guns. An awesome sound track and voice acting with Tom Clarke-Hill and a lot more.

For those of you who want an arcade game for pure destruction then you might want to give Total Recoil a try. It is free to download at the Google Play Store.

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