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OrangePixel Treats Loyal Fans with Sketchbook Squad

Posted May 26, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

OrangePixel is known to have awesome games that are absolutely free to download, and keeping its tradition, it is giving away a full free game every year to kick start Summer. And what better way to say thank you to those who supported them with a new game called Sketchbook Squad. The new game is also comes integrated with Google Play Games services.


In Sketchbook Squad, players will be using tilt controls to move their little super heroes through a wide variety of stages. The more you tilt your device the faster your little character will

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go. This is essentially one of those continuous jumping games that you want to keep your character alive by jumping until you fall of and die. The higher your character goes, the higher your score can get. And there will always be plenty of challenges that you can encounter like bullets and chainsaw just to name a few.



To complete Sketchbook Squad, OrangePixel has made it sure by giving you a pixel style graphics and cool tiny characters. If you’re up to some heavy jumping action, then go grab yourself Sketchbook

Squad that is absolutely free to download at the Google Play Store.

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