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Outrun the Evil Bear Mordu in Temple Run: Brave

Posted June 18, 2012 by Paul Samuel in Apps

Disney-Pixar is about to release a new movie called Brave and to tie-in with the release, a new Temple Run game called Temple Run: Brave is also in the works. If you have been a huge fan of the previous game then certainly, Temple Run: Brave will surely appeal your senses.

This follow up game is a genius move by Disney-Pixar to help promote the movie as well as enticing Temple Run fans to try out the new game.

Just like its predecessor, Temple Run: Brave will still feature the same old gameplay in which players control a character on screen and try their luck in escaping the numerous traps being laid out. Instead of controlling Guy Dangerous, players will take the role of red-haired Merida, the movie’s protagonist as she runs, jump and slide across a beautifully rendered Scottish themed landscape in the hopes that she won’t get caught on the traps and pitfalls that awaits.

The core mechanics of the game is still faithful to the old genre but the developers did add some key elements to resemble that of the movie. Some changes have been implemented such as the demon bear Mordu chasing instead of the fleeing monkeys.The game’s environment have been completely revamped but some traps are still present like the tree root slide and leaping across cliffs.

Temple Run Brave: also introduces a host of new actions that will change the Temple Run gameplay forever. Shooting has been introduced as inspired by Merida’s prowess in archery. During the course of your run you will encounter long paths with targets lining them. And if you tap and shoot them, players will be rewarded with some bonus coins. The shooting move will allow players to gain a few extra coins if they manage to hit the bulls eye with an arrow. Coins can be spent between each round to purchase new gears like power-ups, or even wallpapers.

Imangi, the developers of Temple Run has also changed the setting more dramatically by adding

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drab swampy environments in full vibrant colors the same as the film’s cinematography.

Temple Run: Brave did have a few flaws and many users complain about the game’s unresponsiveness and lagging at few times. Nevertheless it doesn’t stop the game from being great; hopefully the developers could fix this problem in later updates. Last but not the least, Temple Run: Brave has an

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option called Game Center in which you need internet access to connect, however there are still no leaderboards and achievements in place making the feature useless. But still the game is fun yet to play even if you are not a Temple Run fan.

You can download Temple Run: Brave at the Google Play Store for approximately $0.99.

Tell us on the comments below on the experience you have with Temple Run: Brave.

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