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Paper Galaxy Lets You Explore The Universe in a Pop-up Style Eye Candy Experience

Posted January 20, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Exploring the Galaxy has never been amazing than ever before. Paper Galaxy from Liquid Entertainment has brought exploration and fun in a neat little package that everyone will surely fall in love with. At first glance, Paper Galaxy seems like a kids pop-up story book that comes to life, but once you tried it out on your phone, you’ll be amaze on how the graphics and gameplay mix will add fun during your play through.


In Paper Galaxy you play as Luna the Moon, who catches a cold and was chasing a cosmic butterfly and ended up sneezing herself lost in the Crab Nebula.Along the way, players will come across new friends, collect stars with a few close encounters with some hot-headed Suns and other mysterious forces in space that will try to slow you down.

Controlling Luna is as simple as tapping your finger and lets you jump from one planet to the other. As you soar through space you can tap your finger to let Luna gain some much needed momentum to boost yourself throughout space, if that is you still have some super sneezes left. ┬áSpeaking of planets, there are numerous planets found in the game, and Luna can easily connect with them and act as their temporary Moon whirling around it’s gravity and collecting stars along the way.

As of now, there are over 120 different upgrades that you can earn and over 100 goals to achieve. There is also another game mode called Frolic Mode in which you have to be quick and fast to achieve your goal as you have to deal with a timer. Competing with friends is as easy as a walk in the park as Paper Galaxy offers support to a Game Center to keep track of your achievements and leaderboards.


Undeniably, Paper Galaxy is one of those few games that are simple to understand, offers beautiful graphics and a catchy music that will certainly blow any player of age. If you love a quick casual game to play that is not too complicated and offers a lot of fun, then Paper Galaxy is the right game you need. You can check out Paper Galaxy at the Google Play Store for $1.99

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