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Paper Sorcerer is an RPG Literally Drawn Completely by Hand

Posted June 10, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Here’s an interesting RPG game for Android that is completely drawn by hand literally. Paper Sorcerer by Jesse Gallagher is an entire full pledge RPG title for Android that is also heading for the Ouya.


Paper Sorcerer is not your average RPG game with a few sketches but rather is a full size game with 41 dungeons that players can explore their way through. If you manage to survive the dungeons, you are treated with an additional 9 more to carry on your quest making a total of 50 levels. We did mention that the game is completely drawn by hand, and for those of you who played or read the books of Dungeons & Dragons, then you’ll probably love the art that can be seen in the game.

Players will have 300 different set of skills that they can learn as they progress through the game. In terms of gameplay, everything is turn-based and combat is more of a point-and-click style. Overall, the game has over 600 pages of sketches, 200 page notes, three bottles of ink, two six-packs of black markers and over 70 revisions of the drawing.

There are still no details when Paper Sorcerer will launch on Google Play, but certainly it’s those RPG’s that you certainly don’t want to miss. You can check out the trailer for the gameplay and interview of the developer Jesse Gallagher.

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