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Phantom Fox Studios Minimalist Puzzle Game FireFly Flies to Google Play

Posted August 21, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Phantom Fox Studios have just released their first game out in the wild and it features a minimalist style of puzzle game called FireFly that features the same similarities with the game Oscura. If you have played Oscura before, then you’ve probably be wooed by the graphics that uses a black landscape on top of a single color background to set the mood and theme of the game.


As what the title suggest, players will be controlling a firefly that needs to traverse different obstacles to get safely at the end of each level. Early levels are easy and becomes harder and harder during the later parts. Players will have to evade hazards and get to the end of each stage. But gets a bit more interesting as you need to do other tasks before proceeding to the nearest exist. Eventually, each level will become a puzzle, and the harder it will get during the later levels.


Firefly features 50 levels that spans in 5 beautifully unique zones that you can travel. There are also tons of interesting enemies and obstacles. If you are thrilled of a minimalist style of puzzler, then FireFly is just the right game for you. You can catch FireFly off the Google Play Store for $1.55.

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