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Pitch Jumper is an Upcoming Platformer That Uses Your Music in Creating Levels

Posted August 6, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Here’s one interesting game that integrates music into a whole new level. While most games have manage to use music as part of their essential gameplay, Pitch Jumper on the other hand, is a new game that makes music a lot more interesting than ever before.


Developed by a small team of students at UFC’s Florida Interactive Entertainment Academy (FIEA), Pitch Jumper will let you use your own music to create levels aside from having colorful graphics.  The student who created the game uses a formula that uses your chosen song’s tempo, music, density and perceived loudness to create a visually colorful environment that you can play with.


It simply means that you have an infinite amount of levels to play with everytime you load another song in the game. The formula is limited, so you just want to change the music before you play another round.

Gameplay involves players controlling a little mouse with big ears, like the big rodent version of Dumbo. You can use them mouse’s big ears to glide across gaps and over enemies by making your way to each level safely. There are also environmental hazards present . Along the way you have to collect as many musical notes as possible as they are useful in multiplying your points.

As of now, there is now exact release date of Pitch Jumper, but were crossing our fingers that it will roll out soon on Google Play.

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