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Polarbit Releases Death Racing Game Cracking Sand

Posted February 17, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Polarbit has just released their spanking new racing game called Cracking Sands with a new version that is free to play and that unlocks all the available tracks in the game. The free version is just the same as the new version with different game modes that you can choose from except that you can’t upgrade your combat race karts.


First of all, the free version have ads running them. Second, you can’t access other things like using credits to upgrade your kart and character you are playing. However, you are able to play the full game as long as you want even though you don’t mind about the upgrades.


For starters, Cracking Sands is an action packed racing game that lets you control one of the merry band of lunatics armed with big guns and a small vehicle. Set in a world ravaged in continuous global warfare, society has been shattered into small fragments and people have only come to rely on death races as a means of social standing and status.

Mix and match weapons to create your own customizable character, then equip it with an arsenal of weapons that includes machine guns, mines, rockets, and other items as well that you can

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wreak havoc with.

The free version of Cracking Sands is now available in the Google Play Store. Or you can go purchase the full version for $4.99..

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