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Push The Box is an Engaging Innovative Puzzle Game

Posted January 14, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Here’s an interesting puzzle game from Maximize Games that will keep you entertained for days. Push The Box Free is a simple challenging puzzle game that requires strategy and more box pushing. Join the adventure of Oin Onk on his journey to save his cousin who is trapped by the big bad wolf.

The only way to save him is to get around an isometric maze filled with traps and boxes to decipher and carve your way a path. If you have played Bomberman during the early 90’s then you have no problem with adjusting with the game’s environments as it pretty

much feels the same of the latter. Players will have to push boxes out of the way and carefully plan their path as wrong false move could get ugly.


Controls are done by swiping your finger across a path and automatically Oin Onk will move them. Traps are also been set in the area that includes fire, laser, pitfall and spikes just to name few. Currently the game has over 100 levels span across 5 chapters.

Push The Box features a truck load of interesting puzzles that will keep your head churning. Puzzles are beautifully rendered and mixes in perfectly with the challenging gameplay. There are achievements that can be made as well as a Game Center to keep track with your progress.

Push The Box is available for free or go with the paid version that includes the full set of levels.

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