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Raft Pirates Lets You Conquer and Plunderin 6Waves Latest RTS Game

Posted February 18, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

6Waves known for their famous game Strike Fleet Omega and Offworld are now releasing a new game that will certainly blow you away if you love pirates and turn-base strategy game. Officially called as Raft Pirates, players will be able to be in the shoes of a sea captain that must need to build a raft in order to expand territory as well as seek out resources and other weapons. Players will be able to send their pirates diving in search for resources to be used in further expanding your territory.


With the construction element in play, players will be able to create different sets of structures as well as customize your raft together with your robotic pirate crew.  Raft Pirates supports a dynamic playing field that continuously changes in real time as other players go head-to-head in combat with you. Each raft will generate BP that is used for battles.

Speaking of combat, Raft Pirates will feature a combat system similar to those turn-based strategy games that you might have encounter before. The battle system features different sets of action that you can do and requires a certain number of BP before you can roll a die to decide the outcome of the battle. Raft Pirates is set on a February 21st release date and you might just have to wait a little longer to get your hands with their latest RTS game.

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