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Resident Evil 4 Arrives in Google Play Remains a Japanese Exclusive For Now

Posted January 23, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

It’s no surprise to hear how many Japanese games today are now making its way to the Google Play Store only to find out they are made exclusive only to Japan. The latest game to be added in the long list of Japan exclusive games is Capcom’s Resident Evil 4. News of the game spread last year, when it remain to be an exclusive title to LG devices and users

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in South Korea.


According to Resident Evil 4’s official Google Play page, the game will feature two game modes: Mercenary and Story Mode. In Story Mode, players will have to follow a campaign, but were not sure if it will feature the same storyline from the Playstation 2. Mercenary Mode on the other hand is a time challenge mode where you race against the time to kill as many enemies as possible.


Among other features of Resident Evil 4 is the ability to be able to use your sights freely, useful for sniping as well as gain power-ups that you can get from helping survivors out. Graphic wise, Resident Evil 4 doesn’t disappoint either.

For those of you who wanted to shoot down enemies with the Las Plagas virus and help Leon save the President’s daughter, we’ll you can catch Resident Evil 4 on the Google Play Store. Just be sure that you read Japanese well enough and have a Market Enabler to download the game. If you are able to do those things, the game will cost you $2.78.

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