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Rising Empires Lets You Battle Two Different ‘Layers’, in a 4X Turn Based RTS Game

Posted August 12, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

The Google Play Store is practically littered with many strategy games. But in fact, you might not have heard of Rising Empires, a 4x strategy games developed by Hellhound Interactive. In this game, players will have the opportunity to select six playable races each with their own set of unique abilities. What makes this game interesting than your typical strategy game is the fact it is actually set on two levels for you to fight on.


When we talk about two levels, we are actually referring it to two battlegrounds one of which is a standard and a subsurface area where our units can travel. Rising Empires features different races in a turn based action game.


Just like any other RTS game, Rising Empires features a decent technology tree that you can customize your units as you progress through each match. This will also mean that match-ups are dynamic and player combinations of skills and upgrades is the key in winning out a war with your opponent. Rising Empires also reminisce the old table top games in the 90’s where you have to control units and have them move around square tiled boards in the field.

As of now Rising Empires is available free to download on the Google

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Play. But you might just have to wait, since the game is currently in its beta phase. Rising Empires will officially launch this coming September 21st in premium and as a free title.

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