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Rovio Announced Angry Birds Star Wars II with Figurines, 30 Characters and Telepods

Posted July 15, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Rovio has finally revealed that there is in fact a new sequel called Angry Birds Star Wars II that is heading its way to all mobile platforms. Along with the announcement, they are also will be bringing-in Skylander style toys that will accompany the game. For those of you who don’t know, Skylander is the guys responsible in brining toys to life using NFC tags by beaming them into the “Portal of Power”.

While the company didn’t splurge any details about the upcoming Angry Birds Star Wars II, they did announce that there will be over 30 different characters in the game compared to the previous version. As you collect and play these different types of birds, you will also be able to collect them in real life thanks to Hasbro’s Telepod figurines that represents each character in the game.


To compliment this wide lineup of characters, there will also be a line of over 30 collectable TELEPODS figures from Hasbro. Placing these figures onto your phone or tablet camera will scan your character of choice directly into the game, allowing you to select new characters on the fly. – Rovio

Another unique feature that Rovio has added into the game is the fact that you can choose from the Dark Side or not.  Additionally, Rovio is also hinting that “rumor has it that the emperor is recruiting”. Pretty much an online experience?

While the recent announcement did bring a lot of change in the Angry Birds franchise but everything can still change. Angry Birds Star Wars II is slated for a September 19 release.


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