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Rubicon Development Launches Combat Monsters, a TCG / Turn-Based Strategy Game

Posted October 25, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

 Rubicon Elements who is known for their game called Great Big War Game, and other popular turn-based strategy games are coming back with a vengeance with their upcoming title called Combat Monsters. Now available on Google Play, this game mixes together collecting cards and turn-based combat games into one exciting new title.


Well you might label Combat Monsters as your typical TCG type of game, but sadly it isn’t. While there is the assumption of collecting cards, there is also a full 3D rendered type of game that can be found. If you haven’t played Rubicon Elements other titles, then Combat Monsters will certainly surprise you with their interesting gameplay.


Combat Monsters features over 132 monsters, 70 weapons, 28 shields, 12 heroes as well as 120+ maps and more in its database to keep you engaged in the action. There is also a feature deck building, where players can actually create their own customized decks that features spells to use. Additionally, you will be taken to whatever chosen map you want and do whatever things you like. These maps feature a turn-based combat and Rubicon Development makes it good as it appears.

There is plenty of single-player content that you can enjoy but there is multiplayer support. In which you have six players fighting on a map to determine who will win. Cross platform is also supported.

For those of you who love strategy games then Combat Monsters will definitely keep you entertained. You can download Combat Monsters for free on the Google Play Store.

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