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Spacetime Game’s Battle Command Heads Forth to Android this November

Posted October 21, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Spacetime Games formerly known as Spacetime Studios, have recently announced their next game called Battle Command. Their next game is known to be an MMO strategy warfare game where players will be given a small group of soldiers and try to build the best possible army to beat your enemies. If you happen to love RTS type of games where you have to build up a city, and train units with the use of structure, tech upgrades and research, then Battle Command won’t disappoint you.


Considering this is an MMO game, players can create alliances or what we call as guilds, as well as join battles with other players. It is pretty much similar to the web browser game called Travian, in which defense will play a crucial role in keeping your base up and running as well as forging alliances from other players to keep you stay afloat.


However, we

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don’t have much details on when the game will be out, but Spacetime Games did mention a release date next month. Battle Command will be made available free to play with the occasional IAP to give you a boost on other players.

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