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Square Enix Announces Eight Dragon Quest Games Coming to Mobile Soon

Posted October 9, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Square Enix is a company synonymous for their RPG game Final Fantasy that catapulted them to their success. However, it’s not only Final Fantasy that made Square Enix known to the gaming world, but also¬† they have other titles that are equally fared out with gamer tastes of strategy and action. Dragon Quest may not have the same popularity but it held its own as a popular RPG series by many gamers.


Now, Square Enix has finally announced that there will be a series of Dragon Quest games available to Android. This announcement pretty much aligns itself to Square Enix’s goal of focusing more games centered on mobile devices without leaving their console counterparts.

Although this is just an announcement made by the Japanese company, we do know that most games coming from Japan are strictly limited to that country only. However, we are hoping that this game will also get that much exposure worldwide the same as true to their Final Fantasy series of games.

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