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Square Enix Releases a Double Treat with Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Dimensions

Posted December 24, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Square Enix is in for the

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holidays today with their first big sale of their Final Fantasy games and teasing us a trailer about final Fantasy IV and V together with upcoming future games. They also have plans on back to back releases with Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Dimensions already hitting Google Play.

Final Fantasy II


Final Fantasy II is the sequel of the hotly anticipated Final Fantasy games that follows the story of a war-torn band of orphan heroes who become a part of a huge conflict with the empire of Palamecia and the rebel assistance. The mobile port comes with bonus content that will let you explore more dungeons like the Soul of Rebirth and the Arcane Labyrinth just to name a few.

Final Fantasy Dimensions


Final Fantasy Dimension is the other half of the back-to-back release and we’ve already mentioned the game a few weeks back this particular title is more advanced than the previous ones with great graphical pixel art and a combat system that is based on the character’s jobs that can be customize even more to spice up your combo skills and abilities.

The story kicks off with you collecting the crystals of power and defeating the evil minions along the away. There is nothing more to mention as the game already is as polish as ever employing the same old formula

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that makes any Final Fantasy games so epic.

You can check out Final Fantasy II and Final Fantasy Dimensions by heading over to the Google Play Store.

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