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Strikefleet Omega Review: Intergalactic Battle

Posted June 26, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in Apps

Fans who are looking for some

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RTS action can settle down with the hottest starship battle hitting the Google Play Store. If you’re looking for one serious intergalactic battle then look no further with Strikefleet Omega for an Android. As Earth has been destroyed by the Hive Queen and her Brood, players take control of humanity’s last hope, Strikefleet Omega.

In Strikefleet Omega, players take the role of Omega’s Admiral and is charged with a mission to find the Queen and eliminate her before she wipes out the remaining galaxies. Strikefleet plays like a hybrid of tower defense game and tries to add a little dose of real time strategy.

Enemies come in varying shapes and sizes with most of them possessing its own special attributes. Whenever an enemy is inbound colored arrows will warn you at the edge of the screen in which they are going to approach. To attack, all you need to do is swipe your fingers and make a flight path for your fighter crafts to attack the approaching enemy. The swipe gesture is really cool as if you were planning your squadron when to attack. Once the flight path is set your carrier will automatically deploy fighter crafts and shoot down enemy targets that come along their way.

Strikefleet Omega also has some RTS elements present in the game in which players take control

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of their flagship carrier the EEF Retribution. After each successful mission, players can upgrade their capital ship by spending alloy or purchase additional ships to augment their fleet. They can also unlock a few other carriers with different roles like the Starfighter carrier which spawns fighter crafts, or call in the heavy artillery with the Gunship carriers. There are other ships to unlock each with their own sub classes. Each ship has its own specialty and function. Take for instance Bomber class ships, they are good at mowing down enemies in one single blast but takes huge damage to enemy fighters when attacked. On the other hand Lancer carriers are great at protecting other ships from attacks thanks to its fighter crafts when deployed.

Strategy is important in Strikefleet Omega, as each level requires you to carefully warp in ships that are necessary for the battle. In order to call in the ship that you have previously purchased, you need to gather the necessary minerals. Each ship requires a certain mineral cost and the only way to meet that requirement is to send your miners to harvest minerals. Once you have met the minimum requirement, you can then warp in those ships for reinforcements.

The game’s difficulty curve goes to over-drive once you reach the Plissken System or the ninth stage of the game. Players who are not inclined with real-time strategy games might find this a bit hard to muster as the game requires you to employ a different strategies in taking down enemies. There is no single strategy that you can win in each mission as you need to quickly react to the situation by deploying the right ships to counter the offensive.

As the game progresses you might be tempted to go for the in-app purchase to buy powerful ships but you can still beat the game without having to do so. After you get pass through the tenth mission in the game, Survival mode is activated. In Survival Mode, players need to survive an increasing onslaught that requires both micro and macro management techniques.

For those of you who have a hard time of accomplishing the levels, the app has a clever built-in IAP, in which players can purchase powerful ships and upgrades to augment their fleet. Although the game can still be beaten even if you don’t purchase those upgrades. There are currently 40 levels available in the game with more levels to be added in later release. If you think that the campaign is too short, well there is always the Survival Mode to keep you entertained battling it out waves upon waves of opponent. And if you want to know your standings, the handy online leaderboard will be your companion.

Graphic wise, Strikefleet Omega is well rendered and polished. Ships are accurately detailed and even the fighter planes are carefully laid out that you can even see the tiniest details onscreen. Control wise, Strikefleet Omega is buttery smooth and creating a flight path is as easy as doodling a curve line on notebook. Although we did experience a bit of lag when there are numerous enemies on screen, but still it doesn’t spoil the fun out of the game.

Strikefleet Omega is a great game filled with RTS and RPG elements. If you happen to be a Homeworld fan before, then Strikefleet Omega will certainly won’t disappoint you. Join the Armada and take the role of the next Strikefleet Admiral.

Grab your copy of Strikefleet Omega today absolutely free on the Google Play Store. Tell us on the comments below on what you think about the game.

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