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Try Your Luck With Poker Gaming Through 888 Poker Mobile App

Online games have always been a staple part of the internet since most people nowadays play through online networks such as Facebook for their daily dosage of fun. Speaking of games 888 Poker is a great way to pass out boredom ...


The Curse Review: Classical Puzzle Game Creeping with Challenges

What if you mash up all the classical puzzle games and roll them into one? Well you get The Curse, a puzzle game that doesn't fail to disappoint as well as excite you as you play.


Critter Escape Review: Action Packed Chasing Game

Play a classical game of cat and mouse in Critter Escape that is both innovative and creative in its own way


Spirits Review: Spiritually Addictive Puzzle Game

Spirits is a great game that innovates puzzle gameplay and injects it with its own gameplay mechanics. Features a simple game that is so addictive that you will spend countless of hours replaying every level to get the best po...


Oscura Review: Sheding Light in the Dark Macabre

Fascinating game that combines simple graphics and gameplay that makes it a must have for anyone who owns an Android device. If only they can polish the controls, but nevertheless it is still a great game to play that manages t...