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Text-based RPG and RTS title Fantasy Wars brings gaming to new heights

Posted September 27, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Gamevil together with Gamezen is planning on releasing a new text-based RPG title known as Fantasy War. The said game is developed by Gamezen, who specializes into casual games that includes Three Kingdom Heroes and Hello Kitty Cafe.  Fantasy War on the other hand will be published on Gameevil’s branding with the help of their partnership.

Text based and picture RPG’s are not new in the world of gaming since it has debuted way back from the early computers with MUD (Multi-User Dungeons).  Fantasy War will feature the same concept as early RPG titles but with matching text and pictures supplements. As an RPG title, you’ll get to choose three races namely Elf, Human or Orc, and from there you will be completing quests and tasks just like any ordinary RPG game.  Leveling-up your character, and granting points will also present in the game. To spice up the gameplay, there is also an RTS twist in which you will be micro managing your resources and assembling your troops to conquer enemies and battle out other opponents in the field.

A dungeon mode is also present in the game in which you will be raiding your enemies for loot and possibly finding new weapons and armor as well. No RPG game will be complete without PvP style of gameplay and Fantasy War has everything you need to wage war on unsuspecting enemies. One thing that makes Fantasy War a unique title is the fact it combines both RPG and RTS rolled into one title.

For those of you who are interested in checking out this new game from Gamevil, you can do so by downloading Fantasy War in the Google Play Store absolutely free.

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