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Transformer Legends is TCG Game That Lets Battle Out in PvP Matches

Posted September 4, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Transformer fans you will certainly love more the TCG game called Transformers: Legends. DeNA has just announced that the said game will get episodic updates through this month, and each week will get a fresh new content in the form of episodes.  There is a lot of content that includes PvP multiplayer episodes to try out with the game.


For those of you who are not yet familiar of the game, Transformers: Legends is a TCG game that lets you play with Autobots who are bound to protect the Earth or destroy it with Decepticons. Players can engage in 9 v 9 battles with players with over hundreds of transformer characters and items to discover.The first episode happens to be released this week, and is already out called “One Shall Fall”. The theme of this episode is a showdown between Optimus Prime and Megatron. This is also the first time that an Ultra Rare card, Optimus Prime will be introduced.transformers-legend-building-deck

Future updates will include Dinobots, which will be first appearing in the Transformers: Legends. It seems that the game is set in a PVP theme.  All of these updates and new content will be arriving each month, through weekly updates.

If you always love TCG games before, then certainly Transformers: Legends is definitely the right mash-up of strategy and mechanized robots. You can grab Transformers: Legends off the Google Play absolutely free.

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