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Turn Based “Mech Warrior” Game Offworld Heading to Android

Posted September 6, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

From the publishers of the popular strategy game Strikefleet Omega for Android comes another exciting new game from 6waves

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that comes in the form of a mech battle game that is called Offworld. The game is currently available for the iOS platform, but were hinted with the words “coming soon”, indicating that the game would also be available in the Google Play Store as well.

offworld gameplay in android

Offworld will put players on the shoes controlling a giant mech known officially as Strikers. This will be your main tool in becoming the best bounty hunter there is by defeating other opponents and claiming rewards in the process. The money you used can then be used to purchase, customize and upgrade a variety of components to be used for your mech. And even you can also make an entire fleet of mechs if you really want to.

Here are some of the features that Offworld has in store

  • Train, customize, and battle mech Strikers in search of the galaxy’s most dangerous rogues and outlaws
  • Hire pilots to maximize mech firepower and defensive upgrades
  • Multiple mech varieties even the playing field and add levels of strategy to each battle
  • Loot battlefields for resources to train and build Strikers and/or purchase items in the shop with in-game currency
  • Fully animated mechs with retina graphics and stunning visual effects
  • Earn achievements on the quest to become a top bounty hunter
  • Original soundtrack to complete a futuristic, sci-fi experience

Creating an entire fleet of mechs requires you to have more than just yourself to pilot them. That means you will need to hire the best pilots you find in order to control them. The visuals are also fairly unique, with a sort of drawn, but very detailed cel-shaded 3D look to them. Combat is done through a turn-based system as well.

offworld gameplay on android

Offworld could be the next Mech-warrior game on Android or perhaps a fast-paced action game that involves battling out mechs on the go. The idea of creating an entire fleet of mechs is a great idea and in order to do so you also need to hire only the best pilots. From the looks of the screenshots and promotional video, Offworld is already top notched in terms of graphics that combines detailed cel-shaded visuals to give it a more solid 3D look. Gameplay is done through a turn-based system making it more of a strategy game, which reminds us of Metal Gear: Acid on the PSP.

As soon as the game comes out will let you know on what we think aboutthe game with our Offworld for Android review.

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