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Two Duke Nukem Games will soon hit Android if Kickstarter Campaign is Successful

Posted September 20, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News
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Rumors of a Duke Nukem game heading to the iOS and Android platform surfaced a few weeks back with Machineworks Northwest already spearheading the project. The same team are also teaming up with 3D

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Realms in the hopes of getting enough funds through a Kickstarter Campaign to bring the original Duke Nukem games.

The new Duke Nukem game is called as Duke Nukem Mobile and Duke Nukem Bikini Project. Both development companies started the game way back and this time around they are teaming back again by bringing these two classical games for the mobile platform. Instead of the usual first person viewer, both games will be a side-scrolling action game each with their own original storyline with a dose of one-liner humors. It is reported that both games will be bundled into one title known as Double Duke Deal and will be free to download with the addition of in-game application purchases.

duke nukem gameplay

The Kickstarter campaign is aimed with a $45K goal in mind,and if it manages to get pass through their targeted goal, the game will have improved graphics while keeping a retro feel of the game.

So far, the original plan is to bring both Duke Nukem games on the iOS platform but if they happen to get pass through the target mar, Android gamers will get a dose of the game. If you want to donate, you can head to their official Kickstarter Page.

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