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Undead Slayer Lets You Hack n’ Slash Zombies in Your Fingertips

Posted January 25, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Tired of shooting zombies with a machine gun? Well there’s plenty of room for improvement and this time around hacking zombies with a knife, swords, spears, and other deadly sharp objects is the new thing in town. Introducing Undead Slayer, a hack and slash game where players have to beat-up zombies to a pulp and possibly more undead creatures that may spawn.


In Undead Slayer, players will begin in the Chinese dynasty where they are stuck in the world infested with deadly zombies and monsters that they need to kill just to survive the aftermath. Controls are sleek and simple as you hack and slash monsters in this 90 stage level. Players will also have the ability to upgrade their characters skill points to make them stronger and equip them with various items, weapons, pets and a lot more. The game also features switching heroes in battle to help you out in those sticky situations.


Perfect for a game on the go, Undead Slayer doesn’t have a steep learning curve and you’ve probably be able to learn the game in a couple of minutes. Undead Slayer is available as a free title in the Google Play Store. Be warned

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though, although the game is free expect to see some IAPs for certain high class weapons.

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Paolo Nikko

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