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Upcoming Casual Platform Game Crash Dummy Heads to Android

Posted December 19, 2012 by Paolo Nikko in News

Game developer Immanitas Entertainment known for their top-notch games like Crazy Fishes and Jelly All Stars has just announced their latest installment to the Android community with their upcoming game called Crash Dummy to be released simultaneously for both iOS and Android platforms.

Although no other details have been provided we do however got a glimpse of what the game is all about based on their beautifully crafted cartoon trailer. The story begins with the introduction of Cid, a lovable but bored crash dummy until one faithful day that changed his life forever. Professor Advisor’s daughter was captured by his arch-nemesis D-Troid whom Cid finally get his chance to live a life full of adventure and become a hero by taking back the daughter of his professor.


Crash Dummy features a classical platform game that brings 16 challenging levels that includes 6 new level bosses to defeat.  Cid can do various things like climbing, shooting away enemies, sneaking, as well as doing all sort of different puzzles and challenges.

Cid can also equip himself with an assortment of weapons including bazookas, ice lasers as well as flamethrowers to burn down enemies to bits.  Speaking of enemies, Crash Dummy features 25 different enemy types to defeat.

As of the moment, Crash Dummy is set to be released this coming December 20th on the Google Play Store. But once we’ve got enough details will post the link here.

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