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Posted June 16, 2012 by Noah Mocorro in Feature

So you’ve probably heard about Android by now and I’ll bet you might be asking yourself this question on what makes it the most successful platform to date. With over a hundred thousand Android devices activated each day, it is no doubt that Google’s platform has won the hearts of many consumers all throughout the globe. Within those figures you are a part of the ever growing population and as a first time user or veteran Android user there are still questions in your mind that needs to be answered.

So what is Android anyway and what makes it so popular? Android is an operating system that is found on many mobile phones. Many of us tend to confuse that Android is a type of phone. If you have been living in that belief for quite a long time now, then it’s time to get acquainted with the Android Platform. If you look it up on the dictionary, Android means an automaton that resembles like a human being or in short a robot, hence the iconic green robot logo associated with Android.

Android as mentioned earlier is an operating system specifically developed for mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets. In the same manner, that personal computers run Windows by Microsoft as their operating system. Operating systems have greatly evolved in the past few
years starting from the humble Palm OS way back in 1996 to the Windows Pocket PC in 2000 and later with the Blackberry OS, Apple’s iOS and
finally Google’s Android.

Brief Introduction

Android started its roots way back in 2003 by Android Inc. that consisted in a handful of developers namely Andy Rubin, Chris White, Rich Miner and Nick Sears, spearheading its way for the development. The idea behind Android started from Rubin’s own words in which he wanted to create
“smarter mobile devices.”

By 2005, Google was interested with the project and later purchased the company, leaving its fate to the internet search giant. Many companies criticize Google’s way of entering the mobile platform and operating system, but nevertheless the plan was put in motion. By October of 2008, Google finally unveiled its latest creation and Android was born. The first device to feature Google’s newly born masterpiece was HTC and T-Mobile’s device known as the HTC Dream or T-Mobile G1.

What Powers Android?

Android is not just an operating system at heart, but rather a bunch of softwares packed into one complete package. Android is purely open source to a large degree, meaning that its components and inner workings are open to the public.

As mentioned earlier, Android consist of a kernel that is based from the Linux kernel, libraries, a middleware, API’s (Application Programming Interface) coded in C language and application software that runs on a framework that includes Java-compatible libraries. It doesn’t mean that Android is made for geeks and tech-savvy intellects but rather it is not that complicated as it looks like. In fact, it is user friendly, with time and practice almost anyone can master the Android landscape in just a couple of days use.

What Makes Android Popular?

We have been using mobile phones for years and most of us do not know what operating system our devices run. I’m pretty sure that most of you already have heard of Apple’s iOS that runs on every iPhone device and how it completely revolutionizes on how we perceive a mobile device.

Android has been in a fierce competition with Apple’s iOS and in this tug-of-war for operating system domination, this battle has continued to grow ever since. What makes Android so popular is that it is open source, you can have all the goodies you want, it runs on a wide variety of devices, rich multimedia content, connectivity, user-friendliness, as well as full customization and control just to name a few. The big difference that separates Android from iOS is the fact of being open source. As a result, an Android user can do whatever he wants on his phone to the point of modifying to their hearts content.

Stay tune for the next part as we discuss the various flavors of Android.

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