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Worm-Style Inspired Combat, Blastron Brings Destruction to Android

Posted July 29, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Another popular iOS game called Blastron has finally made its way to Android. If you happen to be a huge Worms fan, then you might some similarities with Blastron. This particular game happens to have combat worms as your main troop types. But instead of actual biological worms, you’ll be playing with robotic worms instead.


The level design of Blastron are creative with each level going crazy. There is a lot of strategy that has to be involve in which you’ll have to figure out with target to hit first. After you choose your robot worm, you can start calling in those shots and at the same time earn loot in the process. Your robots can also be upgraded and customized in order to make it stronger and be able to survive tougher battles in the process.


Blastron Features a Blastron Hall of Fame leaderboard to let you know who is on top of the charts. Players will be able to unlock a huge variety of weapons and boosts in order to

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eliminate your opponents at the same time rake in some points. There is also a campaign mode where you can become the Blastron champion and unlock new weapons and robots to be used for multiplayer mode.


For players who are looking for a serious challenge, we suggest that you might want to play the full campaign mode. As you will be netting yourself the championship title in the process, as well as unlocking new weapons and robots. If you are interested for some worms action fun, then blast your way with Blastron off the Google Play for free.

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