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Zeptolabs Announces Cut The Rope 2 Coming This Holiday Season

Posted September 26, 2013 by Paolo Nikko in News

Fans of Cut The Rope will be happy to know that there’s an upcoming sequel that is fairly different in terms of theme than the original one. Zeptolabs confirms that there will be a Cut The Rope 2 or a sequel that is heading its way this coming holiday season.

For those of you who are not familiar with the franchise, Cut The Rope and its spin-offs are actually physics based puzzle game that will let players literally cut the rope and feed the candy to the monster named Om Nom. This little guy loves a candy and it is your job to get them excited and bring candy to him on every stage. It may sound a little bit challenging as you have to deal with the physical law of gravity, deadly spikes, and other challenges.

According to the announcement, there will be a bunch of characters and tweaks to be added on the gameplay mechanics. Interactive environments will be present along the way as well as a brand new storyline for you to play. Along with the new release, Om Nom will also have a series of animated short films the same as the one found on Angry Birds. The series will be called as Om Nom Stories and it will be released during that time.

As of now there isn’t any specific time frame when the game will be released, but we are hoping it will be launched this coming holiday season.


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